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Love, All That It Is

Clarice Assad

© Copyright - Virtual Artists Collective Publishing / NSS Music (853376000620)

An original song cycle blending jazz, pop, Brazilian and blues exploring the journey of love by Brazilian American Grammy nominated composer / pianist / vocalist Clarice Assad.

This brilliantly conceptualized and unique album features 11 original tracks that range from classic ballads, contemporary blues, scat and pop.

With her distinctive, vibrant musical style, Clarice Assad delivers an original recording in the tradition of American jazz with influences from pop and Brazilian music. CD that travels the gamut: from soulful and sensual, humorous and playful, plaintive and mellow, to assertive and emotional.

Genre: Jazz: Jazz Vocals

Release Date: 2008

1. Love, All That It Is 4:53

2. On the Subway 3:35

3. He 4:02

4. We Cannot Wait 4:10

5. Alas 2:33

6. It's Not You 3:39

7. You'll Get It Back 3:18

8. Bluesville 4:26

9. My Little Angel 4:43

10. Over You 4:57

11. I'm Good 3:02

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